Establishing a Vital Credential for a Better Career in Easton CT

Getting certifications are important especially if you are one of those individuals who are in the early stages of their career and would like to move forward to a higher level. The TOEFL proficiency assessment is one of the globally-recognized tests that allow individuals to gain a certification for their English written, listening, speaking and reading skills. The test is offered in both internet and paper-based test; however, the internet-based testing is offered more than 50 times per year compared to the paper-based test which is offered only in select areas where internet testing is not possible.

Contents of the TOEFL Certification Exam

The Test of English as a Foreign Language has 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The Reading portion comprises of 3-4 passages with 12-14 questions each that needs to be accomplished within 60-90 minutes. The Writing section has two portions, an Integrated and Independent writing test. The Integrated test requires writing a response to a lecture and passage which needs to be completed within 20 minutes and for the Independent task, test takers need to write an essay about a particular topic which should be completed within 30 minutes. The Speaking section also has two portions. An Integrated test that requires answering 4 questions, making sure to put their English knowledge and skills into use and an Independent task that requires answering 2 questions in English expressing it in their own words. The Listening portion has of 4-6 lectures with a 3-5-minute duration with 6 questions per lecture which needs to be completed within 60 to 90 minutes. The Listening portion also has 2-3 conversations each at 3 minutes long with 5 questions per conversation that should be accomplished within 60 to 90 minutes.

Be Better with English

By taking the TOEFL proficiency assessment, you are able to know just how much you know about English; however, this does not mean you only have to rely on your own knowledge in passing the test. There are tutors for Test of English as a Foreign Language who can help you prepare for this important assessment without going overboard on your expenses. Hire tutors for Test of English as a Foreign Language and get the know-how on acing your English test.